Monday, February 9, 2009

What are you thankful for?

Is it the small things, the BIG things, the monetary things that you're thankful for? Well I would like to challenge you all to write down in your journals 10 things everyday what you are thankful for. Now there is one thing about your daily lists that you need to do: You can only write what you are thankful for once in the week, for ex. if you are thankful for birds on Monday you cannot say it again anytime that same week. By the end of your 7 day week you should have listed 70 new and different things nothing being the same.
I am thankful for . . . . .
1. My close/extended family and friends, especially Chad who makes me laugh over the simplest things on the internet.
2. My 5am job that allows me to pay less in childcare and my babies spend more time with Travis and I at home.
3. My sisters who are my BEST FRIENDS!!
4. Having the "greatest" babysitter on the face of this earth, I love her soo much!
5. For my health.
6. For the blue skies and fresh air we are blessed with each day.
7. For health benefits, bonuses and great pay at work.
8. The time I get to spend with my hubby and still love him more today than 17 yrs ago! He is still my best friend!
9. All the yummy meals my loving hubby builds for our family each day.
10. Being able to have healthy babies and to hear them giggle.

This is what I am thankful for this evening (and yes they are all different from what I was thankful for this morning even). Also I am thankful for YOU!!