Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Well I jumped into the extreme coupon world and it is a lot of fun yet frustrating at the same time. We did save TONS which was awesome for our budget and will allow us to shop more if need be. We spent a total of about $210 on all these groceries: 14 boxes cereal, 10 boxes fruit snacks, 8 boxes chex granola bars, 3 bags chex mix, 6 jars pasta sauce, 4 jars alfredo sauce, 4 bottles snapples, 1 box suddenly salad, 1 pkg. Soliel razors, 1 box capri sun, 2 jars roasted honey peanut butter, 4 tubs frosting, BUT only paid $69.79 WOW!!
This was our second trip but we didn't get a photo of the first to post so we thought this would do for show. We not only used the in-store sales but also the coupons we had on hand. I think the frustrating part of it all is the checkers don't really want to utilize the coupons when you have more than say 6 coupons, it takes up their time. Yet they would be standing there whether I had coupons or not! This trip was to Albertsons. We also made a different trip to Walmart which in the very end of scanning all my coupons they decided they were going to have a fit. I bought 6 desserts and had a valid coupon for each one of them. Now get this: I am able to buy as many things of one item that I want to BUT when it comes to you having a coupon for all those items all the sudden their excuse is that you need to save some for other shoppers. Not sure where or why this can possibly fit into my shopping habits, but I can buy however many items I want and no problem but then if I have a coupon for those items I need to not buy them and save some for other customers?? Whatever!! So these 2 girls actually made me take 3 of these desserts and buy them on a different transaction. ONLY 3 ITEMS!! Hello who does that??!! Ok so this was one of the coupon frustrations!
My other one was Albertsons DOES NOT allow ANY coupons over $5. Can you believe this, now the manufacture will not only pay the store the full price for that $7.99 item but they also just screwwed me out of $2. I think after this first shopping experience with the major coupon usage and seeing exactly the way these stores work frustrates me A LOT, but I will still take advantage of the savings. Not only do these stores get our products for pennies on the dollars but they are also paid full price for any coupon they do not honor to the fullest from the customer also. GRRR!!
To say the least we did have fun getting our plan all together and acting on it. We learned a few things the hard way yet had a lot of fun shopping!! I hope all of you will take advantage of the coupons and save your family plenty of dollars and cents to live in the economy we are in today. Good Luck!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What would you say?

1. Love is...something I could not live without.
2. Marriage is...for eternity!
3. Somewhere someone is thinking... damn she could have been mine. LOL!
4. I'm always...wishing I was debt free.
5. I have a secret cheesy crush on...Matthew Macon -a-hottie.
6. My cell phone... is always getting lost and the bad thing is it's on silent.
7. I've come to realize that my last kiss was...from my sweet baby and slobbery!
8. I am listening...to my hubby clean Hope's bathroom at 10:25pm. Crazy!
9. I talk...not enough to my sisters.
10. I love...reading, reading and books!!
11. My best friends are...my sisters and my itty brother.
12. My car is...FAST!!
13. My love life...is a blessing. I need to appreciate my hubby more for all he does. I love you Travis!!
14. I hate it when people...don't use a blinker and are talking on their phone while driving.
15. When I wake up in the morning...I love the silence and darkness.
16. When I go to bed at night...I love reading a book til I fall asleep.
17. Right now I'm thinking about...Khristapher and how I miss him being gone for the week.
18. Babies are...beautiful and such a great blessing to our family, I want more.
19. Tonight I will...tell Travis how much I appreciate him and how blessed I am to have the best husband on this green earth!
20. I really want to...be debt free and be a stay at home mom again.